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Some useful information about Gnomon

Gnomon is leading animation and visual effects training center in the World. Anyone
who is interested to get themself admitted at Gnomon below information will be useful for them.

Gnomon is an Old English word that means interpreter. It is also the upright on a sundial that casts the shadow or the arrow in Alias|Wavefront PowerAnimator
that points to the global center.

Gnomon was founded by a former Applications Engineer from Alias|Wavefront
who saw a need for a school that taught the tools and techniques necessary
to produce high-end digital content.Gnomon opened it's door in 1997 with one computer lab, three instructors and four digital courses. Today, we offer
not only computer instruction, but also courses in the traditional art and
production techniques required to succeed in today’s digital studios.

A primary determining factor in the quality of education at any institution
is the faculty. Because of Gnomon's location in the heart of the entertainment
community and our commitment to providing instruction by production
professionals, Gnomon‘s faculty is made up of an extraordinary group of educators. All of Gnomon's instructors are industry professionals who earn their
living using the tools and techniques that they then pass on to our students. They teach at Gnomon because they believe in the importance of quality education. They are committed to the industries in which they serve and the students who look to them for instruction. For a list of our instructors please visit the Instructor page on our website.

Gnomon’s curriculum is designed specifically to provide students with the
skills they need to succeed as digital artists in the entertainment
industries. Gnomon is dedicated to teaching, not just software, but the
underlying techniques and concepts behind the programs. Gnomon instructors are
experienced industry professionals who teach the skills they use on a daily
basis and develop their courseware accordingly.

Class assignments are project-based and revolve around the student's
personal direction and creation. Thus, upon completion of a course of study,
each student has completed work that is unique to his or her vision.
Homework is assigned with an emphasis on personal projects, realism,
complexity and research. This mode of instruction assures that, in addition
to the learning the software, students also gain valuable experience in
problem-solving skills.

Gnomon have standardized our curriculum on the Alias suite of programs,
primarily Maya. We also offer limited training on RenderMan, Shake,
BodyPaint and ZBrush.

Gnomon School of Visual Effects is located in the center of the Hollywood
production district, the former Technicolor Studios complex.
Our 7500-square-foot facility features four-computer labs furnished with a
total of 50 state-of-the-art, production-level workstations. An analog studio is home to courses such as Figure Drawing and Production Design. The remainder of Gnomon space is made up of a 70-seat screening room, a professional-level sound/edit bay, student lounge, kitchen, game hall and administrative offices.

Overall Gnomon's facilities have been designed to create a production-like
environment with an atmosphere conducive to creativity and learning.

Tour are offered on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. To set an appointment,
please contact Gnomon's office at 323-466-6663. In the event that you come
without a set appointment, we cannot guarantee that a staff member will be
available to answer your questions.

Gnomon’s Program Options

Gnomon offers Digital classes and courses in complementary traditional
skills (Analog Courses). Gnomon's curriculum addresses the needs of both
beginning and advanced level digital artists. The three main training
options are as follows:

Extension Program: A majority of Gnomon students take classes on an extension
basis. Classes are open to the public and do not require a portfolio for
entrance. Extension students usually take an individualized selection of
courses -- one or two classes a term -- until they gain the skills they need
to succeed in their chosen career. These students are often production
professionals who are at Gnomon to increase their knowledge. Others come
from varied backgrounds with the goal of getting into the digital production
industries. Admission is based on space availability and class size is
limited to 12 students per class. The majority of Gnomon classes are 10 weeks
in length, with each digital class, consisting of 3 hours of class per week
and 9 hours of guaranteed lab time per week.

Class assignments are project-based and revolve around the student's
personal direction and creation. Thus, upon completion of a course of study,
each student has completed work that is unique to his or her vision.
Homework is assigned with an emphasis on personal projects, realism,
complexity and research. This mode of instruction assures that, in addition
to the learning the software, students also gain valuable experience in
problem-solving skills.

Maya Fast Track: This program is specifically designed for professionals who
want to learn as much Maya as possible in the shortest amount of time so
that they can use Maya as a production tool. This program consists of nine
consecutive weeks of one-week classes that address a specific area of Maya.
Classes are held during the day, Monday through Friday from 9am to 4pm, thus
giving students 30 hours of class each week.

Please be aware that the Fast Track Program does not include any lab time.
Students are in class 30 hours a week getting as much information as
possible in that time period. The focus of the program is for the students
to learn, but not for them to work on portfolio pieces and or a demo reel.
For more information please visit our website or contact Gnomon Director of
Industry Relations, Pam Hogarth.

Gnomon Certificate Program:

In response to industry needs, in the Summer of 1998, Gnomon instituted Gnomon
Certificate Program, which is designed to give motivated individuals the
skills they need to obtain and succeed in entry-level positions in the 3D
entertainment industries. Designed with input from members of the Alliance
of Digital Effects Production Trainers (ADEPT) and Gnomon Advisory Board, this
program offers a well-rounded education made up of both digital and
traditional art classes.

Certificate students take in excess of 35 courses. This intensive curriculum
provides a balanced education in both digital and traditional skills. Within
this structure, all courses are geared toward applying the tools learned in
the 3D arena. Admission to the Certificate Program requires a completed
application form and portfolio. Applicants must have at least a high school
diploma or the GED equivalency.

For more detailed information on the Certificate Program, please read the
sections in the FAQ sheet pertaining to Participation and Admission to the
Program or contact Gnomon office via email or phone.

Gnomon’s tuition

Tuition ranges based on the type of program and class. In the extension
program, digital classes range from $1250 to $1700. The majority of our 10
week digital classes are $1625, 5-week Digital courses are $800. The
traditional classes cost between $475 and $500 for 10-week classes, and $225
for five-week classes.

Tuition for the Certificate Program is as follow:

Full-Time: Tuition is $6,175.00 per term. Tuition reflects a discount over
the regular individual course costs.
Total cost: $43,225.00 U.S.D. + $100.00 registration fee

Part-time total cost: $46,750.00 U.S.D.

There is an additional $100.00 Visa processing fee for international

For the Maya Fast Track Program, tuition is $9,000.00 + $100.00 registration fee.

Gnomon accepts personal or company checks, Visa, MasterCard, money orders,
Payment Plans and Sallie Mae Career Training loans.

Financial aid or loans
Gnomon offers two forms of loans.

Sallie Mae Career Training loans. For general information on the Career
Training loan, you may visit their website at> .

Should you wish to explore this option, prior to filing out any paperwork,
please contact our office at 323-466-6663.

Gnomon Payment Plans: Tuition is broken into three installments over the
length of the term. There is a 3% finance fee applied to payment plans.

Schedule for one-week classes

Please visit website or contact Gnomon office for the schedule.

Gnomon offer Custom Training

Gnomon has extensive experience providing custom training for production
studios, animation houses, corporations and individuals. Gnomon can tailor it's
digital classes to fit your needs or create a class specifically for your
artists. Training can occur in Gnomon classroom or on-site at your facility.
Our instructors and staff have experience in production, so Gnomon understand
the pressures and needs of the entertainment industries. Gnomon can also make
arrangements for many of Gnomon traditional, analog classes to be given on a
custom basis. For further information on Custom Training please contact Gnomon
Director of Industry Relations, Pam Hogarth.

Possible to see student/work

website features a Student Gallery where you can see work by past
and current students.

The age range of students

Gnomon students come from a wide range of ages and backgrounds. Though
the median age of Gnomom students is 25 to 30, we have many “career changers”
who are in their mid-forties to fifties - and a couple of high school
students who take one class per term.


85% of Gnomon students live and work in the Los Angeles area. 40% of our
students who work in the digital production industries and take classes to
upgrade their skills. We do have students who come from around the world to
LA for anywhere from one to seven terms and attend classes on a full-time

international students

Gnomon is authorized under Federal Law to enroll non-immigrant students.

Only students accepted into the Certificate in High-End Computer Graphics
and the Maya Fast Track Program are eligible to apply for an M-1 visa.

If you are interested in either of the programs above, please review Gnomon
website at For further information, please contact us
either via email ( or phone at 323-466-6663.
If you are interested in the Extension Program, unfortunately Gnomon is NOT
able to issue visa's for that program. You may want to check with your
embassy to see the length of a visitor’s visa, it may be long enough for you
to complete one or two terms at Gnomon.

college degree

Gnomon do not require a college degree for admission to any of Gnomon courses.

source: Michael Santiago
Admission Counselor(Gnomon)

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