Sunday, January 14, 2007

Taking Visual Arts course in developed countries

It has really become tough to get trained in the developed countries in the field of Visual Arts for the people of developing countries of Asia,Africa and South America. The amount of money requiredto study at developed countries like U.S.A, Canada, England, Germany, France, Italy,Spain,Netherlands,Denmark,Sweden and Australia is too big for the people of developing countries in fact it's almost impossible for a student of developing countries to get higher education in Animation or Digital Arts in those developed countries.There's number of talents available in Third World countries but they don't get enough training to prove their their potential.Institution which are teaching Animation or Digital Art is not providing enough facilities to the students though India is exception.From my personal experience i would like to mention that it's not possible to become Innovative when you're lacking resources needed to learn Art or Animation. I have tried number of Institutions of developed countries which are offering wonderful facilities to learn Animation and Digital Arts and design but due to shortage of money i couldn't get myself admitted in one of those institution. As far as Art and Culture is concerned from my point of view all the students of the developing countries should be given scholarship or some type of financial assistance to get trained in their desired field in their dream institution.Media Arts now needs globalization it should be practices in every part of the world and education ministry of those powerful and rich country should take necessary to give exposure to the students of the poor country to globalize Media Arts.

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